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A true love story

Celebrate with us

The perfect union in a dreamy wedding venue, where flowers and spring aromas create a symphony of love and beauty. In an idyllic place, the hearts of lovers unite in holy matrimony, while the sun paints the horizon with shades of gold and orange, announcing the arrival of night.

The warm air whispers words of happiness, while the guests witness a ceremony charged with emotions and eternal promises in a place adorned with exquisite flower arrangements, where roses, tulips and lilies display their splendor and heady fragrance. The petals cover the path that leads to the altar, where the couple, radiant with happiness, promises eternal love.

The guests are privileged witnesses of this love story that takes place in the perfect setting. The song of the birds is mixed with the soft and melodic music, while the excited lovers exchange their vows.

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Why choose "Media Luna Ranch"

- Enchanting setting: Our wedding venue boasts a stunning setting, with warm, enchanting sunsets providing the perfect backdrop for your special day.

- Versatile spaces: We offer cozy spaces, from beautiful gardens to an elegant air-conditioned room, to adapt to your preferences and needs.

- Professional team: We have a professional team that will be at your disposal to help you execute every detail of your wedding, making sure that everything goes perfectly.

- Exceptional catering service: Our catering service stands out for its quality and culinary creativity, offering delicious and personalized menu options to satisfy the tastes of your guests.

- All-Inclusive packages: To make planning easier, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages that cover everything from decorations to catering to event coordination.

- Flexibility and customization: We adapt to your wishes and needs, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your wedding to reflect your unique style and personality.

- Unforgettable experience: We strive to provide the couple and their guests with an unforgettable experience, taking care of every detail and creating memorable moments that will last forever.

- Convenient location: Our wedding venue is conveniently located within easy reach of your guests, ensuring that everyone can enjoy your big day without logistical worries.

- Attention to detail: We pay attention to every detail, to ensure that your wedding is exceptional and reflects your dreams and expectations.

We look forward to having the honor of hosting your wedding at our venue and creating unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones!

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Miami, FL, USA

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